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Gli articoli più visti nel mese di Dicembre 2020

1) Editoriali - Dicembre 2020

La vaccinazione anti-Covid... nello spazio e nel tempo

B.M. Assael

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2) ABC - Febbraio 2004

Leggere l’emocromo

I. Bruno

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4) Rivista sfogliabile - Dicembre 2020

Rivista sfogliabile on line

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5) News box - Dicembre 2020

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L’impatto della pandemia Covid-19 sulla salute globale dei bambini

G. Tamburlini

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6) Neonatologia - Dicembre 2020

Covid-19 e pratiche postnatali: una moderna parabola

R. Davanzo, F. Mosca
Early in the Covid-19 pandemic maternity hospital practices were jeopardized by guidelines produced by scientific societies to reduce the risk of mother to child transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 infection to a minimum. Subsequent research has documented that skin-to-skin contact in the delivery room, feeding directly to the breast and rooming-in can be considered safe, if infection control measures are concurrently applied. Professionals should not forget the proven benefits of breastfeeding and the importance of early mother-baby relationship whenever taking decisions that might hinder these practices.

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7) Indice - Dicembre 2020

Indice 2020

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8) Percorsi clinici - Dicembre 2020

Corea, artrite, eritema marginato: malattia reumatica e diagnosi differenziali

A.M.Q. Alberio, F. Pieroni, G. Bini, et al.
The revision of the Jones criteria by the American Heart Association allowed the identification and diagnosis of a greater number of cases of Rheumatic Disease (RD); however, the higher incidence of RD is associated with "pathomorphic" phenotypic pictures, making the diagnosis more difficult. Chorea, carditis, arthritis, marginatum erythema are the major criteria for the diagnosis of RD and can represent its clinical onset, but likewise, due to the variety of their associations, they open a range of different differential diagnoses. Through the critical reasoning applied to some clinical cases, these major “criteria” of RD have been discussed to reduce the difficulties of the differential diagnosis.

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9) Specialità - Novembre 1997

Il prurito atopico

E. Bonifazi
Atopic dermatitis is the most frequent skin disease characterized by severe itching. The treatment of atopic itching should start from the evaluation of its severity. An itching score based on the number of crises during daytime, the period of waking up during the night and the extension of scratch marks is suggested. The parents must be trained to prevent the crises of itching and to stop them as soon as possible. Finally, the indications and effectiveness of symptomatic treatments of pruritus such as emollients, corticosteroid creams and oral antihistamines are reviewed.

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10) Il graffio - Dicembre 2020

a cura di Alessandro Ventura

L’inchino dei supereroi

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