Giugno 2002 - Volume XXI - numero 6

Medico e Bambino

Pagine elettroniche

Sindromi autistiche e patologia gastrointestinale

G. Gambino, P. Di Stefano

Dipartimento Pediatrico “Aiuto Materno”, Palermo


Key words: Autism, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Celiac disease, Ferritin, T-lymphocytes, Lymphokines

We studied 55 children suffering from cryptogenetic autism. In 44/55 cases, recurrent constipation or diarrhoea were present. In 46/55 cases, the CD4/CD8 ratio was <2. In 39/55 cases, IgAs were reduced. In 44/55 cases, ferritin was significantly below normal values. In 12/17 cases, there were anti-Candida antibodies. In 9/17 cases, there was a positive result in blood and stools for Helicobacter pylori. 12/55 patients were suffering from celiac disease (serologic diagnosis confirmed by biopsy).

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