Aprile 1997 - Volume XVI - numero 4

Medico e Bambino

Aggiornamento monografico

Il trattamento delle cheilognatoschisi


Unità Operativa di Chirurgia Plastica e Sezione di Microchirurgia, Pisa


Key words: Cleft palate

This is a review article on the treatment of cleft palate particularly devoted to stress the importance of a multidisciplinary approach. In Italy, the overall incidence of the different forms of cleft palate is 1:830 newborns. Cleft palate may be associated to congenital heart disease (5%), lower limbs abnormality (11%) and ears defects (21%) and may be a part of the clinical picture of chromosomal diseases such as monosomy 4 and trisomy 11 and 13. The Authors present their experience in approaching the problem as a multidsciplinary team. All cases are seen very early by the plastic surgeon who plans the timing and the technique of surgical interventions. The geneticist is involved for genetic counselling and the psychologist for communication of diagnosis. Ent specialist and neurologist are also consulted in all cases with cleft palate. The importance of orthodontical and of neuroradiological follow-up for obtaining a succesfull correction of cleft palate is stressed.

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G. Gatti, D. Gandini, A. Massei. Il trattamento delle cheilognatoschisi. Medico e Bambino 1997;16(4):222-227 https://www.medicoebambino.com/?id=9704_222.pdf

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