Marzo 2020 - Volume XXXIX - numero 3

Medico e Bambino


La psoriasi in età pediatrica

Prisca Da Lozzo1, Lorenzo Calligaris2, Irene Berti2

1Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche, Chirurgiche e della Salute, Università di Trieste
2IRCCS Materno-Infantile “Burlo Garofolo”, Trieste

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Psoriasis in childhood

Key words: Psoriasis, Clinical subtypes, Topical therapy, Phototherapy, Adalimumab

Psoriasis is a chronic immune-mediated inflammatory skin disorder with a relapsing course and a multifactorial pathogenesis. Several triggers, genetic factors and comorbid conditions are associated and are likely to be involved in the increasing incidence of the disease. Psoriasis begins in childhood in almost one-third of the cases. Although children present with the same clinical subtypes of psoriasis observed in adults, lesions may differ in distribution and morphology, and their clinical symptoms at presentation may vary from those reported by adult patients. The aim of this review is to describe the clinical features and the differential diagnosis of the disease in infancy and childhood and to examine the current approach to treatment.

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P. Da Lozzo, L. Calligaris, I. Berti. La psoriasi in età pediatrica. Medico e Bambino 2020;39(3):154-160

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