Febbraio 2019 - Volume XXXVIII - numero 2

Medico e Bambino

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La musica un arcobaleno: effetti della musicoterapia nei bambini con emofilia

Ezio Zanon, Samantha Pasca, Luisa Salmaso, Elena Macellari

Centro Emofilia, Azienda Ospedaliero-Universitaria di Padova

Indirizzo per corrispondenza: sampasca27@gmail.com

Music is a rainbow: effects of music therapy on haemophiliac children

Key words: Haemophiliac children, Music therapy, Lscher colour test, Emotional states

Introduction - Music and colours are the universal languages that reach diverse peoples and can evoke different emotions. Music therapy was used in several hospital settings, but no studies were conducted on children with haemophilia. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of music therapy on haemophiliac children in helping them express their emotions, compared with a group of healthy children of the same age. Methods - 17 children with severe haemophilia A were enrolled in the present study. Six consecutive meetings were planned, each divided into five different phases. Two questions were posed to all patients aged > 5 years, before and after music therapy. Similar protocol was used to evaluate the healthy children. Comparison between patients and controls was subsequently performed. Results - Analysis of the answers showed that after music therapy the emotional states of the observed young patients had improved in 81.5% of cases. Conversely, only 14.6% of controls improved their emotional state (p < 0.05). The colours chosen by the children represented the colour of the evoked emotions. Based on the short Lscher colour test, the improvement on emotional states was determined by an increase in bright colours. Conclusions - The present study is the first that has assessed the effects of music therapy on haemophiliac children. Music therapy was proved to be effective in the young patients, but not in the controls. This seems to demonstrate that patients with chronic illness need more than others supportive therapies that help them express their hidden emotions and live their condition better.

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E. Zanon, S. Pasca, L. Salmaso, E. Macellari
La musica un arcobaleno: effetti della musicoterapia nei bambini con emofilia
Medico e Bambino 2019;38(2):127-128 https://www.medicoebambino.com/?id=1902_127.pdf

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