Ottobre 2008 - Volume XXVII - numero 8

Medico e Bambino

Problemi correnti

Il ruolo del pediatra nell’individuazione dei segni premonitori dell’autismo

Silvana Cremaschi, Elena Alberini, Giuseppe Zappulla

SOC di Neuropsichiatria dell’Infanzia e dell’Adolescenza, ASS 4 Medio Friuli

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Key words: Autism, Social interaction, Stereotypies, Communication, CHAT, SINPIA

Autism is a syndrome caused by a biologically determined developmental disorder. It develops in the first years of life and it mainly affects mutual social interaction, the ability of communicating ideas and emotions and of establishing relationships with other people. Up to now the causes of autism are not completely known. Indeed, the disorder involves the complex relations mind-brain and represents the common final way of pathological situations having different nature and etiology. The syndrome was first described by Kanner in 1943; the following studies have deepened its clinical and diagnostic characteristics up to the present description of the triad of symptoms defined by WHO in 1992. Following the Guide lines presented by the Società Italiana di Neuropsichiatria dell’Infanzia e dell’Adolescenza, the Authors propose a pathway that enables family paediatricians to formulate an early diagnosis and thus send children to the proper services for the rehabilitative therapy. Finally, a pilot study carried out in the SOC di Neuropsichiatria dell’Infanzia e dell’Adolescenza dell’ASS 4 Medio Friuli is presented. The aim of the study is to detect families’ needs, the perceived quality of the Services and to use the CHAT scale for the screening of children between 18 months and 4 years.

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S. Cremaschi, E. Alberini, G. Zappulla Il ruolo del pediatra nell’individuazione dei segni premonitori dell’autismo. Medico e Bambino 2008;27(8):504-509

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