Ottobre 2008 - Volume XXVII - numero 8

Medico e Bambino

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Medici con l'Africa Cuamm e gli Obiettivi del Millennio

don Dante Carraro

Direttore di Medici con l’Africa Cuamm

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Key words: Millennium Development Goals, Africa, Funds, Health care

All governments in the world are committed to collaborate and to increase resources so that Millennium Development Goals (MDG) become a reality in 2015. However, promises have not become facts and resources issued are really below the necessary. Moreover, many funds of the institutional donors or of the big private donors are focused on specific diseases (vertical programmes); all this ends up to weaken the essential operative tool of any progress in the health care field: the health system of each country. The commitment of “Doctors with Africa Cuamm” that arises from the evangelic message of treating the sick consists of field interventions, studies and dedicated professional training courses. The relative policy requires: a) a good governance of districts, which, in its turn, needs an active participation of peoples’ representatives; b) a system of equitable financing of health care and treatments, roughly based upon local health services; c) the growth of local professional skills; d) recognising a central role to local communities.

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don D. Carraro
Medici con l'Africa Cuamm e gli Obiettivi del Millennio
Medico e Bambino 2008;27(8):495-499

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