Dicembre 2004 - Volume XXIII - numero 11

Medico e Bambino


Piede piatto e plantari


Clinica Ortopedica, Università di Padova


Key words: Flatfoot, Arch support, Surgery

The essential or “weak” flatfoot, under 6 years, is always asymptomatic. Between 6 and 13 years, a few cases may become symptomatic and require treatment. In adult age, the asymptomatic flatfoot should be considered a physiological variant and in most cases is a strong and stable foot. Only about 5% of flatfoot in adolescents and adults require treatment. There is no evidence about the usefulness of the arch support at any age. Paediatricians should identify and refer cases of symptomatic flatfoot while orthopaedic surgeons should provide the most appropriate treatment, i.e. whenever possible an aetiological surgical correction. Mini-invasive treatments are recommended when aetiology is not identifiable.

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G. Taglialavoro
Piede piatto e plantari
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