Febbraio 2004 - Volume XXIII - numero 2

Medico e Bambino

Pagine elettroniche

Epilessia benigna occipitale a esordio precoce

G. Crichiutti, A. Gimmillaro

Cattedra di Pediatria - DPMSC - Policlinico Universitario di Udine


Key words: Occipital seizure, Clinical manifestation, Prognosis

Three cases of early-onset benign occipital epilepsy are reported in two three year-old female children and in one ten yearold boy. Early onset BOE is among the most frequent epilepsies in childhood. Its typical features are the long duration of the first episode, which usually starts in a normal child during sleep or on waking up and frequently remains the only one. Inter-critical EEG patterns are variable and vary over time. The course is benign, usually self-limited within primary school age.

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Epilessia benigna occipitale a esordio precoce
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