Febbraio 2001 - Volume XX - numero 2

Medico e Bambino

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Le infezioni respiratorie acute in Pediatria: uno studio prospettico

L. Cantarutti1, MCJM. Sturkenboom2, A. Bordin1, C. Bucolo1, R. Bussi1, S. Cozzani1, S. Del Torso1, G. Giancola1, S. Girotto1, G. Grillone1, M. Katende1, V. Murgia1, A. Pasinato1, A. Passarella1, B. Ruffato1, L. Saretta1, F. Semenzato1, W. Spanevello1, G. Toffol1, M. Soncin3, B. Costa4, M. Bettio3, S. Mannino5, C. Giaquinto6

1Pediatra di libera scelta; 2Istituto di Epidemiologia, Biostatistica, Informatica Medica, Erasmus University, Rotterdam; 3Società Servizi Telematici, Padova; 4Glaxo-Wellcome, Verona; 5CNR/ITBA, Milano; 6Dipartimento di Pediatria, Università di Padova


Key words: Respiratory infections, Influenza, Epidemiology

In one semester, a group of 17 operating paediatricians of the Veneto Region, co-related in a network, carried out a perspective study on the incidence, clinical characteristics, costs, and treatment of acute respiratory infections (IRA) on a total population of 16.760 children. In this period of time 3242 children were visited for a total of 4017 episodes. In 1003 cases, a swab to reveal the Influenza virus was made. It resulted positive in 1/3 cases, featuring a significant association with a longer duration of fever. The percentage of hospitalisations (1.2%), loss of working days for parents (11%), and the use of antibiotics (32%), weigh in a relatively moderate way.

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L. Cantarutti, MCJM. Sturkenboom, A. Bordin, C. Bucolo, R. Bussi, S. Cozzani, S. Del Torso, G. Giancola, S. Girotto, G. Grillone, M. Katende, V. Murgia, A. Pasinato, A. Passarella, B. Ruffato, L. Saretta, F. Semenzato, W. Spanevello, G. Toffol, M. Soncin, B. Costa, M. Bettio, S. Mannino, C. Giaquinto. Le infezioni respiratorie acute in Pediatria: uno studio prospettico. Medico e Bambino 2001;20(2):121-122 https://www.medicoebambino.com/?id=0102_121.pdf

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Coma iponatremico post-chirurgico

E. Garbagnati

Clinica Pediatrica IV, Azienda Ospedaliera - Polo Universitario L. Sacco, Milano


Key words: Hyponatremic Coma, siADH, Suprarenal gland, Hydrocortisone

Case description of deep hyponatremic coma (115 mEq/l), with ischaemic focus in left parietal, which lasted over 24 hours and returned almost to normality (persistence of slowing down of speech) within 10 days. This episode followed a bilateral inguinal hernia surgery (with ovary in the hernial sack) in a 4-year old girl, without recognisable risk factors. No urinary hyperosmolarity was demonstrated, but only a high presence of sodium with a following increase of the urinary Na/K combination. The high presence of sodium (and coma) responded to the intravenous provision of hydrocortisone. Rather than a syndrome related to inappropriate ADH secretion, this case seems to be referable to suprarenal insufficiency. The concomitance with bilateral inguinal hernia (rare in girls) suggests a severe disendocrine condition.

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E. Garbagnati. Coma iponatremico post-chirurgico. Medico e Bambino 2001;20(2):122 https://www.medicoebambino.com/?id=0102_121.pdf

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