Settembre 2000 - Volume XIX - numero 7

Medico e Bambino

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Testing: alla ricerca dei celiaci ignoti

;. Narducci, *L. Mauri, **L. Castelli, *Gruppo ACP Milano

*Pediatra di famiglia; **UO di Pediatria, Ospedale Predabissi, Vizzolo (MI)

According to literature, we identified 32 coeliac disease-related conditions which can be divided into the following categories: symptoms, signs, pathologies, instrumental and laboratory tests, familiarity. During one year, 34 paediatricians in Milan studied 20,805 children; out of them, 577 showed one or more of the aforementioned conditions. Within this selected population, 15 were positive to EMA and showed the hystologic lesions which are typical of celiac disease on their mucosa. Therefore, within this population, which was selected on the basis of symptoms, the prevalence of coeliac disease was 1/40. After this survey, which involved only 1/4 of the paediatricians operating in Milan, the prevalence of identified coeliac disease passed from 1/1122 to 1/679.

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M. Narducci, L. Mauri, L. Castelli, et al.
Testing: alla ricerca dei celiaci ignoti
Medico e Bambino 2000;19(7):463-464

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