Gennaio 2000 - Volume XIX - numero 1

Medico e Bambino

Organizzazione sanitaria

Raccomandazioni per l’assistenza alla madre in puerperio e al neonato

Documento approvato da:

Associazione Culturale Pediatri (ACP); Società Italiana di Neonatologia (SIN); Società Italiana di Pediatria (SIP); Federazione Italiana Medici Pediatri (FIMP); Società Italiana di Pediatria Preventiva e Sociale (SIPPS); Società Italiana di Medicina Perinatale (SIMP); Società Europea di Medicina Perinatale; Società Italiana di Ginecologia ed Ostetricia (SIGO); Associazioni Ostetrici Ginecologi Ospedalieri Italiani (AOGOI); Associazione ANDRIA; Società Italiana di Psicoprofilassi Ostetrica (SIPPO); Federazione Nazionale Collegi delle Ostetriche; Associazione Nazionale Culturale Ostetriche Parto a Domicilio; Sindacato Ostetriche Italiane (SOI); Federazione Nazionale Collegi IPASVI


Key words: Post-partum, Newborn, Hospital discharge, Guidelines, Continuity of care

The document is the final product of a process which comprised bibliographic search, discussion and consensus development among the various professionals involved in post-partum care to mothers and to newborn babies, in both hospital and primary health care settings. It provides recommendations for essential care with special emphasis on: ensuring emotional support to the mother, promoting physiology of birth, avoiding unnecessary technology or procedures, performing essential screening procedures, promoting breast feeding; ensuring a flexible approach to discharge from hospital, based on evaluation on mother’s and baby health status but also on familial and social context; providing continuity of care after discharge based on domiciliary visits and support and early contact with the family paediatrician. To ensure that these principles are fulfilled, close cooperation among all the different professionals and health services involved is necessary, as well as flexibility to ensure quality and continuity of care in different settings. The recommendations have been approved by the official representatives of all the different professionals involved in post-partum and newborn care and as such it represents a pilot experience within the italian NHS.

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Raccomandazioni per l’assistenza alla madre in puerperio e al neonato
Medico e Bambino 2000;19(1):35-43

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