Ottobre 2007 - Volume XXVI - numero 8

Medico e Bambino


La splenomegalia

M. Rabusin, F. Patarino

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Key words: Splenomegaly, Children, Ultrasonography, Differential diagnosis

The spleen in infants and children is involved in a wide variety of pathological conditions. Splenic disorders may be isolated like splenic cysts or, more frequently, due to multiorgan or systemic disease including hepatic diseases, malignancy, hemoglobinopathy, infectious diseases and storage diseases. The Authors review the role of the laboratory test, the ultrasonography and the peripheral blood smear in orienting the differential diagnosis. Invasive procedure as bone marrow aspiration, lymph node biopsy, hepatic biopsy or fine needle splenic biopsy are often warranted to estabilish the cause of splenomegaly.

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M. Rabusin, F. Patarino
La splenomegalia
Medico e Bambino 2007;26(8):493-499

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